Our experience in the ERASMUS Project was an unforgettable one. Full with adventures and funny memories, we managed to take home with us a part of Bulgaria.

We met new people and learned great things about their culture and country. During our stay in Bulgaria, we visited important monuments in Sofia, Haskovo and  Topolovgrad . We also learned a few words in Bulgarian!

We made new friends and shared our happiness and joy with them. We were very shy at first but when we saw their warmth we understood that Bulgarians are indeed amazing people!

We would love to participate again because we believe it is an amazing and fun way to make friends around the world and learn different cultures and languages, also it improves education, self-confidence and team spirit!


Antonia Asandei, Artur Canadell,  Laia Carol, Anna Miret, Patricia Sorocianu, Maria Valero.