Project Title: Creative Learners, Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs
Project Number: 2017-1-ES01-KA219-037960
Short-term exchanges of groups: Mobility to Bulgaria
Dates: 3rd March-9th March 2019

The purpose of the meeting
The activitie were planned according to the aims of the project in order to improve students' entrepreneural and leadership skills, to offer new contents to students and local communities, to share innovative practices, to make teachers aware of the necessity to cooperate at international level, to improve foreign languages and communication skills of all the participants. The main agenda items were accomplished.

The mobility began with a cultural trip to the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. All the students and teachers had a walk around the city centre, they visited the Museum of Natural Science, the church of St. George, the Russian church and Alexander Nevski Cathedral.
 A welcoming ceremony was organised by the Bulgarian students and teachers. Students spent time on ice-breaking games in order to get to know each other, learnt something new about themselves and increased their ability to work in teams. 
Presentations ana Kahoot quiz allowed learning about national holidays and customs of Bulgaria. A workshop was followed in order to learn how to make Martenizas and what meaning it brings. The history of the reagion and the main priorities of the municipality of Topolovgrad were presented during the meeting with the Municipality Mayor.
The participnts went to cultural trip to the regional city of Haskovo. They visited the Aleksandrovo tomb, dated back to 4th century BC as a final resting place for a wealthy Thracian ruler, whose name is not known.
 In the city of Haskovo they had a chance to meet the Regional Governor and present him the main objectives of the Erasmus + project and their impressions from the visit to Bulgaria.
They visited a winery of the village of Kolarovo. During their trip they were introduced about Bulgarian culture, national heritage and history so that the students acquire tolerance, open-mindness, cultural awareness, improve cooperaton and language skills.
To boost entrepreneural skills and show how being creative can help become more business oriented, a meeting with a local young entrepreneur was organised. A lunch given by her let students try Bulgarian traditional food and enjoy its taste. 
The international teams attended lessons to get acquainted by the Bulgarian system of education and to see different methods of teacheing and learning. They attended biology and chemistry lessons.
presentation about holidays and the Kahoot quizes helped students learn more about traditiona, customs and important dates of every participating country.
 A lecture about leadership and the characteristics of a good leader was held in Bulgarian school helped  students to improve their communication skills, students had to think about ten ways to define the art of leading. 
 A visit to a locah yoghurt factory hepled students learn how hobby and desire can be turned into a business ideaand be a successful one. 
The last day of the visit all students and teachers participated in different workshops. They prepared quilling cards and origami figures. They put possitive messages to every future owner of the products. Everything prepared by the students was presented and sold during a Fair, organised by the school for its special holiday later in March.
 Parents prepared a farewell evening, they made food and drinks for the closing ceremony. Certificated and presenta were given to every quest.
All the planned activities were successfully implemented and fulfilled. The evaluation survey proved that students and teachers reached the expected results and outcomes. 
Students acquired entrepreneural skills, increased their ability to work in teams. They gained better understanding of practices, policies and and systems in education; gained cultural awareness and improved their fluency in English.All improved cultural and creative thinking, increased sence of initiative. Teachers and school stuff improved professional and interpersonal competences; gained knowledge about European educational system, improved their competences in project management, communication and teambuilding.They got motivation for furute professional development and personal growth.