CREATE PRENEURS Education Alcarras Lleida

Our motivation comes out of the need to provide a solution to a challenge: how to help our young students become empowered in order to acquire strategies for a lifelong learning.

The main aim of our partnership is to address a common necessity to improve entrepreneurial and leadership skills for our students through transnational collaboration and innovation. Working together in an international atmosphere will allow us see the issues, differences and similarities in bringing up young leaders, active citizens in a European context with different historic and economic background; to learn from good experience and share our expertise.

The schools participating in a cooperative way in the project want to offer new contents to students and the local communities, to be the centre of cooperation between families on one side and the educational community on the other. The project will give all community members the opportunity to develop their interpersonal and international competences as well as to acquire collaborative competences which will  be useful all through their personal life and professional careers.

We would like to share with you an interesting opinion. Our motivations is to help our teenagers to become XXI century adults. That's the goal of our project.